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Alumnae, we would love to hear from you! Please write to us at to let us know how you are applying your knowledge to your communities and careers.


"After graduation, I plan on attending law school.... This class has been a very rewarding experience for me and I will use the things that I have learned to help me in my career in women's rights."

-Senior Women's Studies Major

"Feminism holds an odd place in our society. What is threatening about feminism? I am encouraged by feminism and am now working on a crisis line and am training to work at a shelter for battered women."

-Practicum Student

"What a great experience! The project perfectly fit my goal of someday working in a women's program as an administrative social worker. Presenting our findings to the agency was thrilling. I was so proud of our work, the usefulness of our findings, and how we were able to help in the service of these women."

-Capstone Student

"I will no longer tolerate sexual harassment and now I say so directly to the offender, and I tell everybody. Women's Studies gave me that voice and courage and outspokenness."

- Women's Studies Alumnae

"Since the beginning, the program has attracted an amazingly beautiful and diverse group of women, and it is inspiring to see what we have accomplished in these years. Women's Studies shaped my life and contributed to my successes as an individual and as an agent of change in the world."

-Women's Studies Alumna