WRC Staff

Erica Bestpitch, MS


Email: berica@pdx.edu 

Erica received their Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution from PSU in 2012. During their time as a student they became involved with the many ways that Student Affairs folks here at PSU assist students with creative problem-solving, leadership development, and conflict resolution every day. Alongside their work providing administrative support to the WRC, they represent staff on the PSU Board of Trustees. They spend their free time knitting, taking photos, painting with watercolors, and snuggling with their sweetie and two dogs, Bea and Stella. 




Sheena Ino, MSW

Assistant Director 

Email: sheino@pdx.edu 

Originally from San Jose, California, Sheena began their Oregon experience at Oregon State University completing a degree in  Human Development and Family Sciences. Sheena went on to pursue a Masters of Social Work at Portland State University. 

Sheena has experience working at non-profit organizations advocating with youth from systems affected communities in understanding their value, self-autonomy, and power.  Sheena is interested in the work that is done in understanding the multi-dimensions of gender, race, class and access to education.

In life outside of work, Sheena enjoys spontaneous adventure, terrible reality tv, concerts and honing their creative practice.


Janit Saechao

Administrative Coordinator

Email: janit@pdx.edu


Janit was born and raised in the East Bay Area. Their roots reach from Richmond, CA to Portland, OR, while they call Laos their motherland. They are a fat, brown Iu-Mien and Khmu femme whose identities as a first generation child of refugees informs the way they navigate their day-to-day. They came upon Portland State as a transfer student in 2013,  making the decision to move 600 miles north to complete their undergraduate degree in Art History. During their time as a student they became involved in the campus community as a member of the Coalition for Asian Pacific American Studies (CAPAS) to advocate for better resources, services, and representation for the API student population. This marked the beginning of their work and found passion in community organizing. 


In 2015, Janit joined the Women’s Resource Center as the Volunteer Coordinator while also serving as the Coordinator of the Women of Color Action Team further strengthening their dedication to student organizing. During their time with the WRC, they were able to find community and connections that empowered them to live in their truth. The following year, they became the first in their family to graduate college. They now continue their work in supporting the WRC as the Administrative Coordinator. In their free time, they love to paint, write, make zines and cook for their loved ones. 



Alisha Howard

Sexual & Relationship Violence Response Program Coordinator

Email: halisha@pdx.edu


Born and raised in the Rose City, Alisha came to the Women's Resource Center as an experienced advocate and mentor with deep connections to the Portland community.  Her commitment to students grew out of her involvement on campus with the NAACP, as a student ambassador, and as the Student Government Association President during her matriculation at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. After earning her Bachelor's of Art's degree in Psychology, her advocacy on behalf of youth, women, and survivors has largely been shaped by working at  Girls Inc., Self Enhancement, Inc., and the Sexual Assault Resource Center. Her passions within the realm of social justice include the development and practice of culturally relevant pedagogy in education and survivor centered services through a community justice lens. She also enjoys writing, visual arts, baking, and gardening.



Haidre Williams

Mentorship Program Coordinator

Email: haidw2@pdx.edu


Haidre is a PNW native with a deep love for living near the Pacific Ocean. Originally from Seattle, WA, she has lived in Oregon for the past 14 years and is happy to be attending PSU in the middle of beautiful, vibrant Portland. After exploring several different undergraduate fields, she is currently majoring in Women’s Studies with a minor in Community Health, and aims to follow that with an MSW. Haidre has always been drawn to humanitarian work, and she intends to use this educational background, as well as her own lived experiences as a woman of color and abuse survivor, to assist others in need of help and healing as they free themselves from abusive situations and relationships.

Haidre became involved at the WRC by joining the 2017-18 Leadership Cohort, and while participating in that yearlong program of volunteering and organizing, she found her home-on-campus in the welcoming and supportive space of the Women’s Resource Center and resolved to continue her involvement with it as much as she could. Having been offered and accepted the position of Mentorship Coordinator, Haidre hopes to positively contribute to the WRC’s mission of community building, personal growth, and self-love on Portland State’s campus.

When not studying, working, or volunteering, Haidre enjoys spending quality time with her younger sister, her cat, and her close circle of friends, learning a new hobby, reading anything she can get her hands on, and struggling to complete the manuscript for her first book.

Tammy Tran

Events & Outreach Leadership Coordinator

Email: ttammy@pdx.edu


My name is Tammy Tran, I use she/ hers/ her gender pronouns. I am a transfer student from Portland Community College. I am currently pursuing a finance major at Portland State University and planning to finish with my bachelor's degree. I have been volunteering ever since I was in the eighth grade. I've volunteered for my local public library, I was the president of a club called Passion Impact, volunteered at different events hosted by legislators and commissions, worked in student government on registering students to vote and lobbyed at the capital for school funding, volunteered with Unity Through Diversity for a community event called Multicultural Night as one of the coordinators and also the Jade District/APANO throughout the year. Volunteering and helping people is one of my passions in life. I have never felt as complete as when I realized that my passion can change someone else's vision in seeing the world in a different lens. Giving someone the opportunity to help their community and experiencing why helping someone else can change them and change the person that they help in a positive way makes me happy. Aside from that, I love folding origami, trying different types of food, love singing off key, doodling in my notebook and being with my younger siblings. I hope that I get to meet all of you soon and help you to my best abilities.

Kaila Fontenot

Feminist of Color Collective Coordinator

Email: kaila7@pdx.edu


Kaila Fontenot is a current senior at Portland State University, she hails from Los Angeles, California. She is majoring in Anthropology and double minoring in Geography and Sustainable Urban Development. She is a current McNair Scholar. Her goal after graduating from PSU is to go to grad school and study sustainable urban agriculture and sustainable housing. In her role as the Feminist of Color Coordinator, she hopes to facilitate programing that reflects issues and interests of students on campus. In her free time she likes to binge watch foreign films and television. Her dream job is somewhere where she can wear jeans and Vans everyday.