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If you are interested in participating in an Action Team, the first step is to join the WRC community on OrgSync. To learn how to do this go to our How to join the WRC on OrgSync page. Once you've signed up on OrgSync, you can apply to be a volunteer at the WRC or join an Action Team. You'll also receive news about events, opportunities, and ways to get involved at the WRC.

Want to join an Action Team? It's simple! Fill out our Volunteer Registration Form. 

All information submitted on the application is private and confidential and will not be sold. If you have specific questions about Action Teams, please email Sheena at sheino@pdx.edu.

WRC Action Teams

Joining an Action Team at the WRC is a great way to develop leadership skills, practice community activism, create meaningful change, network, make new friends, and have fun too. The WRC hosts the following Action Teams:

Body Politics Action Team

  • The Body Politics Action Team (BPAT) promotes body positivity and acceptance of all people at PSU by exploring our intersectionalities between gender, race, religion, class, health, sexuality, ability, and upbringing. Our mission is to build a community that fosters and supports not only radical self-love and self-care, but also love and care for those around us. We hope to explore the relationship we have with our bodies, both influenced by external forces, as well as internal forces.
  • Email: wrc@pdx.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BPATPSU
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bpat_psu

Reproductive Justice Action Team

  • Reproductive Justice works to support the rights of people to make their own decisions about their reproductive and sexual health, and to have access to knowledge and resources to help make those decisions. We do this by developing quarterly goals and holding events on campus ranging from films and discussions, lectures, safe sex talks and much more in order to engage students in relevant issues of reproductive justice.
  • Email: WRCreproductivejustice@gmail.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WRCRJAT

Just curious about Action Teams?

Feel free to drop-in for an Action Team meeting. View our Upcoming Events to find out when the next meeting is scheduled to take place.