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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

If you have experienced sexual violence or misconduct, accessing services and/or making a report can help in ensuring your safety and well-being.  There are multiple support services both on and off campus, as well as several options for making a report.  Each of these options is guided by different processes and policies.  For help in sorting through your options and deciding which will work best for you, contact the IPV Advocate at 503-725-5672.  The following information will also help to give you an overview of your options.

Privacy & Confidentiality:

Different people on campus have different reporting responsibilities and different abilities to maintain your confidentiality, depending on their roles at the university. When consulting campus resources you should be aware of confidentiality and mandatory reporting in order to make informed choices. Some campus departments may maintain your complete confidentiality, offering you options and advice without any obligation to tell anyone unless you want them to. Other departments are expressly there for you to report crimes and policy violations, and they will take action when you report your victimization to them.  If you are unsure of someone's duties and ability to maintain your privacy, we suggest that you ask them before you talk to them.

Reporting Options:

All of the following options are available to you, and can be pursued individually or simultaneously. The IPV Advocate can help talk through your options and can accompany you through the process of accessing any of these reporting services:

  1. You can make a police report to the Portland Police Bureau (911 or 503-823-3333).
  2. You can make a report to Campus Public Safety (503-725-4404).
  3. You can file a Student Code of Conduct complaint through the Office of Conduct and Community Standards.  For details on the Student Code of Conduct, visit the Dean of Student Life Office website or call 503-725-4422.
  4. You can file an Anonymous Report . The report will be recorded as part of the campus's crime statistics.

Support Services

The IPV Program can offer you privacy, but not confidentiality. This means that we will not discuss you or your situation with other students.  We will not talk with other University staff unless we have to.  We are required to disclose situations of interpersonal violence when:

  • We have identifying information about the perpetrator,

In these situations we will contact the Office of Dean of Student Life, who may in turn involve other departments on campus such as the Campus Police.

If you are seeking 100% confidentiality, there are resources available.  The following services are not required to disclose your identity or situation:

  • The Portland Women's Crisis Line is a confidential, 24-hour service that can be reached at 503-235-5333 and specializes in addressing situations of sexual assault and relationship violence.
  • Counselors and medical professionals at the PSU Student Health and Counseling Center offer fully confidential services.  You can access emergency support or make an appointment by calling 503-725-2800.
  • Off-campus counselors are also confidential. Any counselor that accepts Aetna will be covered by your student insurance. For a complete listing of counselors who will take Aetna, visit Student Health and Counseling Center website or their PSU Insurance Information page.
  • Student Legal Services offers confidential legal advice.
  • Clergy and chaplains can offer confidential support.

Please ask an advocate if you have any questions about privacy, confidentiality, or mandatory reporting.