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Health & Sex Guide 2010-2011

Health & Sex Guide

The Health & Sex Guide was developed by students from the Summer Capstone Sexual Assault on College Campus. The goal was to publish a guide that would benefit all students at PSU regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. The articles cover a wide array of topics that are important to college students and provides information about many resources available on campus. The articles published in this project reflects the perspectives and opinions of the students and was written in response to the Vangurd's Health and Sex Guide published Spring 2010.


Guys, Be Men

Resources for LGBTQ

What I Wish I Knew

Why Consent Is Sexy

Aphrodisiac Foods

Emotional Abuse & Healthy Relationships

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Porn: A Feminist's Dilemma

Porn: The Feminist's Debate

The Body-Mind Connection

Vitamins and Supplements