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Social Sustainability Month

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The goal of the Social Sustainability Month committee is to build sustainable community that includes everyone. Some of these connections include the ecological, environmental justice, economic, political, human rights, and cultural dimensions of sustainability.

This year we want to continue our exploration of ways to dismantle positions of power and privilege within the sustainability movement. What are some practical ways to do this? How do we honor indigenous and traditional connections to place?

Philosophies and frameworks of sustainability have existed for thousands of years previous to the current movement. What are some of the alternative, lesser known, or marginalized perspectives that guide a sustainable lifestyle or culture outside of the dominant paradigm?

What role has colonization played in silencing these voices? How has colonization impacted people’s quality of life and the land inhabited by them? In what ways is language used as a tool for colonization?
What are some of the tools that can be used to highlight these narratives so that we can build a more equitable, accessible, and diverse movement? How do we validate and celebrate the diversity of the human experience? How do we create a space of visibility for marginalized groups? How can we reclaim language and identity? How can we break down barriers and create brave spaces for individuals to share their experiences? How can we work together with respect for our diverse backgrounds?