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Welcome the Chemistry of Contrast Media Group

Mark Woods holds academic appointments at both the Department of Chemistry at Portland State University and the Advanced Imaging Research Center at the nearby Oregon Health and Science University.  His research bridges these two departments.  Mark's focus is both fundamental and practical aspects of MRI contrast agent design and use, and cross-campus curriculum and graduate education.  To find out more about the research and people who do the work, click the links below.



Group News


April 2018 Annah and Jackie publish their finding into the quenching of CEST by nanoscale sytems in Frontier sin Chem.


April 2018 CONGRATULATIONS KARLEY - NSF Graduate Resreach Fellow!!!


March 2018 Lauren successfully defended her PhD proposal - CONGRATULATIONS Lauren!


March 2018 Joe presented his research results in the 3 minute thesis competition


March 2018 CONGRATULATIONS KARLEY - Chen fellowship recipient!!!


March 2018 Diana presented her university honors thesis - CONGRATULATIONS Diana!


February 2018 Karley passed her comprehensive exam - CONGRATULATIONS Karley!


January 2018 - Tina publishes her work on the safety of Gd3+ contrast agent use during pregnancy in Radiology.


September 2017 Hannah and Kelly have joined our research group


July 2017 - Jackie succesfully defended her MS thesis. CONGRATULATIONS Jackie!


June 2017 - Jen and Katie publish their work on the effect of the structure of water on relaxivity in Isr. J. Chem.


May 2017 - Annah and Karley publish their work into new Gd3+ containing capsules in Chem. Comm.


May 2017 - Mark recieves a Faculty Development Grant


December 2016 - Karley joins the group as a graduate student


December 2016 - The group welcomes Diana as its newest member


September 2016 - Katie successfully defended her PhD thesis. CONGRATULATIONS Katie!


August 2016 - Mark publishes an analysis of relaxivity and the AIF in JMR.


July 2016 - Annah successfully defended her PhD thesis.  CONGRATULATIONS Annah!


March 2016 - Annah's work on nano-capsules is published in Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging.


January 2016 - The group welcomes Joe and Lauren as its latest members.


November 2015 - Jade's work on liver glycogen 13C MRS is published in Diabetes Care


Spet 2015 - Jackie advanced to candidacy


August 2015 - Julian successfully defended his PhD thesis.  CONGRATULATIONS Julian!


July 2015 -Mark published an analysis of contrast agent safety in pregnancy in Radiology


January 2015 - Katie's work on regioisomerism in BFCs is published in Bioconjugate Chemistry


December 2015 - Mark published an analysis of water exchange in erythrocytes in MRM


May 2014 - Jackie passed her comprehensive exams


May 2014 - Jackie won the Alfred Levinson Award for Outstanding TA


April 2014 - Mark is awarded a faculty enhancement research grant