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Lola Baldwin

First Policewoman in Oregon (1908)
Born 1860, Died 1957

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Mary "Dolly" Fisher

First Woman Tribal Chair of the Siletz Tribal Council

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Sandra McDonaugh

First Woman Portland Business Alliance President (2004)

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Attorney General Rosenblum

First Woman Attorney General of Oregon (2012)

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House Speaker Tina Kotek

First Openly Gay Speaker of a State House in the U.S. (2012)

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Rep. Jessica Vega Peterson

First Latina in Oregon House (2012)

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Carolyn Shelton

First Woman Oregon Governor (1909)
(stand in for 3 days in 1909)

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Senator Kathryn Clarke

First Woman State Senator (1915)

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Judith Ramaley

First Oregon Woman University President (1990)

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Virpi Lea Wikman

First Woman to Have a Multnomah County Building Named For Her (1982)


Maurine Neuberger

First Woman Elected to U.S. Senate from Oregon (1960)

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Avel Gordly

First African American Woman Elected to the Oregon State Senate (1996)

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Dorothy Anne Hobson

First Woman Editor of the Valsetz Star (1937)

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