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Faculty Publications

The Center contributes to the global conversation about women's political involvement and policy advocacy through academic publications including books, journal articles, and studies. The publications listed here showcase the current work being done at the Center by its faculty.

Dr. Melody Rose


Women and Executive Office: Pathways and Performance (Lynn Rienner Publishers).

Hillary Clinton's Race for the White House: Gender Politics and the Media on the Campaign Trail with Regina Lawerence (Lynn Rienner Publishers).

Abortion: A Documentary and Reference Guide.  (Greenwood Press, 2008).

Safe, Legal, and Unavailable? Abortion Politics In the United States.  (Washington, D.C.:  CQ Press, 2007).

Refereed Articles

“Divided Government and the Rise of Social Regulation.”  Policy Studies Journal 29:4 (2001):  611-626.

“Losing Control:  The Intra-Party Consequences of Divided Government.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 31:4 (December 2001):  679-698.

“The Upper Chamber Takes the High Road.”  Congress and the Presidency 31:  4 (2004).

“Republican Motherhood Redux:  Women as Contingent Citizens.”  Women, Politics and Policy Volume 29, Issue 1 (fall 2007):  1-30.

“Pro-Life, Pro-Woman:  Frame Extension in the American Antiabortion Movement.” Forthcoming, Women, Politics, and Policy.

Series Editor

Women and Politics in the Northwest.  Oregon State University, 2008-present.

Women and Minorities in Politics.  Praeger Publishers, 2007-present. Titles include:

Martin Dupuis & Keith Boekelman, Barack Obama:  The New Face of American Politics (2007).

Rainbow Murray, ed., Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling: A Global Comparison of Women’s Campaigns for Executive Office.  Forthcoming 2010.