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Non-Credit/Waiver: Proficiency Examination Option

Admitted PSU Students use the Proficiency Exam to meet:

  • The BA Second Language Requirement (203)
  • The PSU Second Language Admissions Requirement (102)
  • The International Studies Language Requirement (303)
  • The MA Second Language Requirement (203)  

Exam Fees and Instructions:

  1. $100 fee (applies to non-PSU students). Include a payment (check or credit/debit) payable to PSU Department of World Languages and Literatures. Cash payments are not accepted.
  2. If taking this exam to meet a requirement outside of PSU, you must verify with your home institution that it will meet its standards prior to scheduling the exam.
  3. This exam is to prove proficiency only. No credit will be awarded. (Credit may be awarded to admitted and currently enrolled PSU students through Credit for Prior Learning/Credit by Exam , which requires a separate fee.)
  4. Complete and return the Foreign Language Examination Request form to WLL for approval prior to scheduling the exam.
  5. Exam result issued using departmental letterhead. Result is not recorded on a transcript.
  6. Exam must be completed within 30 days of the application date.