Non-Credit: WebCAPE for French, German and Spanish

To meet the BA or MA foreign language proficiency requirement, French, German and Spanish students may take the WebCAPE exam. Spanish students must score at least 451 and French and German students must score at least 400 for the exam to count toward language proficiency. This exam must be proctored at the PSU SHAC Testing Center (see contact information below) for the result to be valid.

You will not receive credit for this exam. This is a non-credit/waiver option. If you graduated from high school or college outside of the U.S. and the language of instruction was not English, please bring your diploma, transcript, or grade card with notarized translation to the Department of World Languages and Literatures. An exam is not required.

Exam Fees and Instructions:

1. The fee is $22 (Testing Services charges a $12 proctoring fee in addition to the $10 WebCAPE exam fee ( These fees are paid at the time of the exam only. DO NOT pay WebCAPE test fee ahead of time or your exam result will not count.

2. Complete and return the Foreign Language Examination Request form to WLL for approval prior to scheduling the exam.

3. Schedule an exam appointment at the SHAC Testing Center  once you receive an approval e-mail from the World Language Requirements Specialist, ZoeAnn Dimond. To proceed with testing, set up an appointment online at Select PSU Exams.

SHAC Testing Services
University Center Building
527 SW Hall Street, Suite 340
Portland, OR 97201
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 503-725-5301

4. Items to bring on the day of the exam are:

a. Current photo ID
b. Your student ID number
c. Debit/credit card for the $10 WebCAPE fee

5. The result will be sent to the Department of World Languages and Literatures. A passing score will waive your foreign language proficiency requirement.

6. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for Degree Requirements to enter completion on your DARS report.