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Advising and Placement in French

If you are a French Major or Minor and need an adviser, please visit World Languages and Literatures in Neuberger Hall 491 to request an Adviser Request Form.

French Major and Minor Advising Worksheet

If you have previously taken French, we recommend you take the WebCAPE test to help determine your level of French proficiency. The table below will help you choose the appropriate class based on your WebCAPE score.

Take the WebCAPE Test


Web C.A.P.E. score Course Recommendation
150 - 249 FR102 is recommended.
See notes 1-2 below.
250 - 339 Registration in FR 201 is recommended.
340 - 399 Registration in FR301 may be recommended. See note 3 below.
400 - 500 Registration in FR301 is recommended.
Above 500 Consult with an advisor.


1. If your score is between 150 - 220, it is highly recommended that you register for FR102 (winter term). Although some material may be review, the course moves quickly. If your score is close to 220 and your previous preparation is strong, you may speak with an advisor AFTER fall term begins but before winter term registration.

2. If your score is between 220 - 250, enrolling in FR102 may still be the best choice, although FR103 is an option. Be advised that FR103 can be a difficult entry point: FR103 moves rapidly, and if you discover you lack the essentials from FR102, you may receive a low grade, or need to withdraw and then wait to take FR102.

For a few students in the 220-250 range, it may be feasible to go directly into FR201. If you are motivated to make an extra effort and you have recently had two years of high-school or one year of college-level French, you should consult with an advisor before the first day of class to determine if your background and your speaking and listening comprehension are adequate for FR201.

3. If your score is between 340 - 399, you should consult with an advisor to determine whether enrollment in FR301 or a course in the FR200 series is most appropriate.

For additional information about selecting the appropriate French course, please contact Dr. Stephen Walton,

When you contact the professor, you will want to indicate what your background is in French, including the following information: a) where you have studied, b) for how long, and c) how long it has been since you last studied the language.