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Dirgham H. Sbait - Arabic/Semitic Languages

Dirgham H. Sbait (1985) Ph.D.
Professor of Arabic/Semitic Languages,
Literatures, and Folklore. Ph.D. 1982
University of Washington

Dr. Dirgham H. Sbait obtained his Ph.D. in Arabic Literature from University of Washington in 1982. Professor of Arabic/Semitic Languages, Literatures, & Folklore. He is specialized in the improvised-sung poetry of the Palestinian poets-singers and other folk songs composed in spoken Arabic, the poetic structure of the literary genres, and the social cultural traditions associated with such folk poetry and songs, particularly as extemporized-sung in weddings and other social- cultural festivities. His publications in this field include several major scholarly essays and book reviews published mainly in: "al-'Arabiyyah", "Oral Tradition", "Asian Folklore Studies", and the "Garland Encyclopedia of World Music - Volume VI. - The Middle East". His secondary research interest is the Oral Tradition of the Arabs: Folk songs, tales, proverbs, Modern Arabic Literature - poetry and short story. He is an expert in the "fus-ha" (classical) and the "daarijah" (colloquial) Arabic Languages. He published: "The Standard (fus-ha) Arabic Language: Letters, Cursive Writing, Pronunciation, and Basic Sentences - Textbook For Beginners". He is a professional English-Arabic translator.

Contact Information:
Phone: 503-725-5295