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Minor Requirement for Classical Studies

Requirements for minor in Classical Studies

An undergraduate minor in classical studies consists of 36 credits of Latin and Ancient Greek (two years of Latin and one of Greek or two years of Greek and one of Latin) and 12 credits of area classes selected from the list below.

Language - 36 credits

Two years of Latin and one of Ancient Greek OR
Two years of Ancient Greek and one of Latin

Area Classes - 12 credits

ArH 452 Ancient Art: Aegean and Greek
ArH 452 Ancient Art: Etruscan and Roman
Eng 317 Greek Mythology
Grk 330 Ancient Greek Literature in Translation
Grk 331 Plato as Literature
Grk 332 Greek Religion
Grk 333 Women in Ancient Greece
Grk 334 Greek Ethical Thought
Grk 335 Sophocles and Euripides
Grk 336U Greek Comedy
Hst 315 Greek History
Hst 316 Roman History
Lat 330 Roman Culture
Lat 341 Roman Literature in Translation
Phl 414 Plato
Phl 415 Aristotle
TA 471 Ancient Greek Theater and Drama

Total - 48 credits

Twelve of the required 48 credits must be taken in residence at PSU. All courses used to satisfy minor requirements must be graded C or above. Students minoring in classical studies must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 on all courses used to satisfy the minor requirements.