Learn the Persian language

Persian is an official language of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan with almost 110 million native speakers. It is also widely spoken in neighboring countries. 

Recent diplomatic advancements between the U.S. and Iran have created a need for Iran experts as possibilities for trade and exchange between the two countries are emerging.

The March 2015 issue of the Foreign Service Journal was devoted to Iran with 4 editorials that discuss the lack of knowledge and experts on Iran. The issue also includes a list of Iran-related career opportunities in: Economic & Business Affairs, Energy Resources, Policy Planning, NEA, Mission to the United Nations, Educational & Cultural Affairs, Public Affairs, International Organization Affairs, Department of Defense, Intelligence& Research, Consular Affairs, Human Rights & Labor, National Security Council, Voice of America, and NGOs.

Persian is an excellent choice for students looking to meet their BA language requirement.

PSU offers the only Persian minor in the state of Oregon

Students can bundle the Persian minor with any major such as Business, Economics, Pre/Public Health, Engineering, Political Sciences, International Studies, Conflict Resolution, History, Education, Philosophy, etc. to enhance their resume and increase employability.