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Digital Badges

What are digital badges?  Learn More here

Digital badges are visual and virtual representations of specific skills and competencies that students acquire during their French studies. Students earn badges by completing specific tasks that faculty evaluates according to criteria separate from those used for course grades. Some tasks can be completed in French courses while others are completed outside of the classroom.

What are the different Badge levels?  Learn More here

HIGH BEGINNER: Student can easily function at the basic level in everyday life and has some understanding of francophone cultures.

INTERMEDIATE: Student can understand and analyze main points of concrete topics; provide detailed descriptions; and narrate in most time frames. S/he also demonstrates a deeper understanding of francophone cultures.

ADVANCED: Student can analyze, interpret, hypothesize and support an argument on concrete and abstract topics; use extended and cohesive discourse. S/he also demonstrates a deep understanding of francophone cultures withknowledge of specific cultural aspects.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Student has worked in the community; can communicate effectively in French with people in professional settings; work in teams; and demonstrate acquired professional skills.

CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE AND GLOBAL AWARENESS: Student knows how to approach a different culture and how to reflect on his or her own culture; can develop comparative constructive thinking in specific cultural areas such as politics, arts and the sciences.

RESEARCH AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Student demonstrates mastery of approaches to research; knows how to form a strong thesis statement; conduct adequate research; and develop a coherent and convincing written piece encompassing the data collected.

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