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Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam's Cities and Regions

Portland State University students are engaged in research, internships, and exchanges, to support Vietnamese cities' and regions' capacity to implement adaptive strategies for current and future climate-related changes, including sea-level rise, saltwater intrusion, increased flooding, drought, changing and irregular rainfall patterns, and higher temperatures.

In the summer of 2012, Khanh Pham (PhD student, Urban Studies) interned with UN-HABITAT in Vietnam, supporting a three-day workshop/training on Climate Change Adaptation and Green Growth Strategies with planners in Ho Chi Minh City. 

In the summer of 2013, Khanh returned to Hanoi to work with ISET, the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition. Her main work projects involved co-writing a research paper on international "good practices" for developing climate adaptation plans, as part of a project with the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MoNRE). MoNRE is providing support to Vietnamese provinces, which have all been tasked to develop climate change adaptation plans for their respective provinces.

Khanh has also presented a workshop on "Communicating for Climate Resilience: Learning from Vietnam's Past to Help It Face the Future."  See this April 25, 2013 ISS blog article for more information about Khanh's research on how climate change practitioners can draw lessons from Vietnam's history to communicate and inspire people towards a vision of community resilience in the face of climate change.