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2019 PSU Cleantech Challenge: Team Meals by the Day
2019 PSU Cleantech Challenge: Team Meals by the Day

Technology for Curbing Food Waste 


“Passion and effort can result in something that can make a lasting impact.” 


Team members: Sreyrith Seng, MBA candidate; Roat Seng, PSU alum and software engineer.


1. Where did you get the inspiration for your Cleantech Challenge invention idea?

Our concept for Meals by the Day started because our sister loves to cook but didn’t like the process of meal planning for her family — she was doing it in Excel and didn’t like the apps that were available. A lot of the food she was buying was also going unused and had to be thrown away after a while. To our surprise, a lot of the existing apps didn’t cater to the way that she plans meals and cooks. We realized that there was a need that wasn’t being fulfilled in what the users wanted and what the existing apps were providing.

2. As you prepare to pitch your idea and show off your prototype at TechFest NW in April, what are you most excited about?

We are excited to get the app into the App store so we can reach an even wider audience!

3. Who are your Cleantech Heroes? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Nat Parker, who is the CEO of moovel North America, is a big inspiration for us. He spoke at Techfest NW last year on the work they are doing to create mobility solutions to make smarter transportation systems and smarter cities. We learned a great lesson from Nat: that passion and effort can result in something that can make a lasting impact.

4. Tell us about your team: How did you meet each other and how do you work together?

We are a two member team. Working together towards a shared purpose has really given us the opportunity to learn more about one another. We have different strengths that complement well.  

5. What’s the one thing you want the Cleantech Challenge judges to understand about your innovation (that will ensure your team will win the competition)?

A lot of hard work went into creating this app, and there is a lot more work to be done. Regardless of the outcome, we are grateful to be able to participate in the competition and will continue to work to improve the app.