Urban-Rural Ambassadors Summer Institute

Summer 2020: Urban-Rural Ambassadors
USP 410/510, CRN 81184 (Online, 1 credit)

Join us for a 1-credit online seminar this summer! Since PSU has moved to all remote teaching and learning in Summer 2020, we will NOT be doing an in-person, 6-credit, field-based class for Urban-Rural Ambassadors as we have done in past years.

In this 1-credit seminar, undergraduate and graduate students from both PSU and Eastern Oregon University (EOU) will join together online to learn about some of the commonalities and differences across Oregon’s communities. This experience will provide participants with a critical framework for serving as a leader and working collaboratively across Oregon’s urban-rural “divide.” 

The class will consist of online panel discussions with diverse elected officials, government staff, and community leaders in eatsern/rural Oregon and the Portland metro region. The main topics, selected for the urban and rural perspectives on the issues, include:

  • COVID-19,
  • land use,
  • housing and homelessness, and
  • energy and climate change. 

By the end of class, students will develop the capacity to forge a path through the tension and stalemate that often characterize the urban-rural debate, and to find strategies that fit local economies, values, and ways of life for the advancement of Oregon as a whole. 

Class will be on Tuesday evenings from June 30-August 4th. (6 total sessions)

The main expectations of students are 1) attendance 2) participation in small group discussions and 3) written reflection essays.


Megan Horst, PhD in Urban Planning, AICP
Assistant Professor, Portland State university, Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning
mhorst@pdx.edu | 503.725.5946 | Meet Professor Horst

Christopher Walsh, PhD in Chemistry
Eastern Oregon University