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Urban & Regional Planning | Economic Development

Faculty: E. Seltzer, L. Lutzenhiser, S. Martin, G. Schrock, J. Strathman, J. Jurjevich, J. Liu

Economic Development is concerned with the factors that lead to differential rates of economic development at various spatial scales: within and between nations, states, regions, cities, and neighborhoods. In analyzing these differences, issues such as the meaning of economic development, who gains and who loses from various changes, as well as analysis of policies to promote economic development, are addressed. The Center for Urban Studies and Institute for Portland Metropolitan Studies offer research opportunities in this field

Required Courses:

  • USP 517 Urban Economic Development Policy
  • USP 572 Regional Economic Development

Choose 1:

  • USP 578 Impact Assessment
  • USP 654 Data Analysis II

Choose 2:

  • USP 510 Making It Local: Strategies for an Economy of Place
  • USP 510 Tourism and the City
  • USP 520 Applied Demographic Methods I
  • USP 521 Applied Demographic Methods II
  • USP 546 Real Estate Development II
  • USP 547 Planning for Developing Countries
  • USP 551 Community Economic Development
  • USP 566 National Urban Policy
  • USP 569 Sustainable Cities and Regions
  • USP 579 State and Local Public Finance
  • USP 590 Green Economics and Sustainable Development
  • USP 592 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) II
  • USP 616 Cities in the Global Political Economy*
  • RE 521   Real Estate Finance I

*If not taken as a core course