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Urban & Regional Planning | Land Use

Faculty: S. Adler, Y. Fang, M. Gebhardt, N. McClintock, E. Seltzer

The traditional core of planning programs, the land use specialization is characterized by a generalist, comprehensive approach to addressing multiple and interrelated issues. Thus, land use planning includes, but is not limited to, a focus on housing, infrastructure, open space, and economic development. The scale of land use concerns range from a specific site as in the application of development standards for a convenience store, to the region as a whole, as in the shared responsibility for providing housing for low- and moderate-income households.

Required Courses:

  • USP 524 Site Planning
  • USP 542 Land Use Implementation
  • USP 555 Land Use: Legal Aspects
  • USP 579 State and Local Public Finance

Choose 1:

  • USP 523 Real Estate Development I
  • USP 526 Neighborhood Conservation & Change
  • USP 543 Geographic Applications in Planning
  • USP 546 Real Estate Development II
  • USP 547 Planning for Developing Countries
  • USP 550 Concepts of Citizen Participation
  • USP 568 Oregon Land Use Law
  • USP 569 Sustainable Cities and Regions
  • USP 570 Transportation and Land Use
  • USP 573 Housing Economics
  • USP 578 Impact Assessment
  • USP 588 Sustainable Development Practices