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Urban & Regional Planning | Community Development

Faculty: L. Bates, C. Abbott, S. Adler, K. Gibson, C. Heying, C. Ozawa, V. Shandas, G. Sussman, Y. Fang, M. Gebhardt, N. McClintock

Community development planning focuses on the economic, social and physical needs of neighborhoods and smaller cities. Local governments and nonprofit organizations usually take the lead in assessing community strengths, identifying public and private resources, and creating projects and programs to improve the everyday lives of residents. Community development specialists understand social and political dynamics and have skills in such areas as citizen organizing, housing, historic preservation, and economic development.

Required Courses:

  • USP 528 Concepts of Community Development
  • USP 550 Concepts of Citzen Participation
  • USP 551 Community Economic Development

Choose 2:

  • USP 510 Making It Local: Strategies for an Economy of Place
  • USP 523 Real Estate Development I
  • USP 526 Neighborhood Conservation and Change
  • USP 527 Downtown Revitalization
  • USP 545 Cities and Third World Development
  • USP 546 Real Estate Development II
  • USP 547 Planning for Developing Countries
  • USP 552 Urban Poverty in Critical Perspective
  • USP 557 Information Cities
  • USP 567 Housing Policy
  • USP 577 Urban Environmental Management
  • USP 580 Political Economy of Nonprofit Organizations
  • USP 585 Housing Environments for the Elderly
  • USP 590 Green Economics & Sustainable Development
  • USP 616 Cities in the Global Political Economy*
  • USP 617 Sociology and Politics of Urban Life
  • BST 584 African American Community Development

* If not taken as a core course.