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Planning Portland in the 1970s

On January 17, 1970, the Portland City Planning Commission voted to deny a permit to build a 12 story parking structure where Pioneer Courthouse Square now sits. Just over 10 years later, on October 16, 1980, the City Council adopted the Portland Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Between those two dates, the plans and specifications for the Portland we know today were crafted. It was easily the greatest outpouring of planning in the history of this city.

This web site is about those times--about the people who hoped, dreamed and worked at setting a direction for this city. It includes the reminiscences of Mayors, Commissioners, planners, engineers, architects and (most of all) citizens. It draws from them not just what happened, but who contributed and why.

This page is also an effort to bring your particular perspective and commentary into the discussion. If you were there, if you were a participant, add yourself to our list of Portland planners and builders by returning an e-mail to us with your comments:

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