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Ernie Bonner has completed more than 60 interviews with folks involved in planning and building in Portland. As they are transcribed and edited, they will be posted here. See below for interviews available now and those to be posted in the coming months and years.

Rick Gustafson, Legislator, Metro Executive, Developer, Transportation Planner

Elaine Cogan, PDC Commissioner, Writer, Citizen Activist

Don Clark, former County Chair, Commissioner and Sheriff

Dennis Buchanan, former Journalist, Television Reporter, County Commissioner and Chairman

Penny Allen, Neighborhood Activist, Film Producer and Author

Dave Yaden, Pollster and Analyst

Betty Merten, Community Activist

Earl Blumenauer, Congressmen, Third District, Oregon

Charlotte and Ogden Beeman, Northwest District Community Leaders

Sarah Gay, Neighborhood Association. Leader, Office of Neighborhoods

Eldon Hout, former Washington County Commissioner

Mitzi Scott, Mother, Activist, Electioneer, Organizer

David Hupp, Environmental Assistant to County Commissioners

John Russell, Planning Commissioner

Joan Smith, former Planning Commission President

Arnold Cogan, former Director, State Land Conservation and Development Commission

Don Sterling, Portland Newspaper Editor and Reporter

Sally Landauer, Citizen Activist

Frank Frost, Planning Bureau

Kelly Bacon, Administrative Assistant, Planning Bureau

Robert Baldwin, former County Planning Director

Margie Gustafson, Planning Commissioner

Ranjana Blackett [formerly Mary Catherine Pedersen], Office of Neighborhood Associations

Richard Ivey

Richard Brainard, Land Use and Urban Design Consultant

Elsa Coleman, Remarks at Clinton Theater Reunion, June 14, 1994

Greg Baldwin

Not Yet Published Interviews

Pat LaCrosse, Portland Development Commission
Ernie Munch, Transportation Planning
Lyndon Musolf, former Housing Authority Director
Lloyd Anderson, Portland City Commissioner
Charles Jordan, Portland City Commissioner
Ron Buel, Executive Assistant to Mayor Goldschmidt
Dennis West, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Anderson
Doug Wright, Transportation Planning
Valerie Peurasaari Hope, CAC Downtown
John Kenward, former Portland Development Commission Director
Dave Soderstrom
Stan Amy, Portland Student Services; Founder of Nature's
Dean Gisvold, Chair, Citizens Advisory Committee, Downtown Plan
Bing Sheldon, Planning Commission
Rod O'Hiser, Portland Planning Bureau
Roger Shiels, Architect
Don Silvey, Portland Development Commission
Edna Robertson, Model Cities, Neighborhood Involvement
David Kish, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Charles Jordan
Michael Lindberg, Office of Planning and Development
John Kenward, Director, Portland Development Commission
David Hunt, Director, Portland Development Commission
Julie Nelson, Portland Planning Bureau
Mike Katz, Portland City Planning Commission
Howard Glazer, Architect
Bob Belcher, Architect
Allison Belcher, Citizen Activist
Carl Buttke, Transportation Consultant
Pauline Anderson, County Commissioner, Pioneer Square Design Jury
Phil Bogue, Pioneer Courthouse Square Fund-Raiser
Ted Hallock, State Senator
Bob Bothman, former ODOT Director
Steve Schell, State Land Conservation and Development Comm.
Valerie Peurasaari-Hope, Dean Gisvold, Downtown Citizens Advisory Comm.
Bob Landauer, Reporter and Editor, Oregonian
John Gray, Oregon Developer
Clifford Hudsick, Port of Portland Planner
Doug Macy, Design Team Pioneer Courthouse Square
... plus 10 or 15 more