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History of Planning

Planning in Portland in the 1970s
oward a Work Program for an Advocate Planning Agency
Tom McCall Waterfront Park Pioneer Courthouse Square Riverfront for People 2003 Seventies Reunion Cleveland Policy Plan

Current Planning

Midtown Park Blocks River Renaissance Planning Commission Planning Comment

Museum of the City

Museum Logo

Ernie Bonner

Planning in the Middle East

Family History

2003 Urban Pioneer Award

Marching in Alabama in 1965

Willamette River Bridges

The Willamette River and its Bridges
Photo courtesy of Russ Orrin, Oregon Department of Transportation

Salmon Street Springs

Salmon Street Springs in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon

Forecourt Fountain
Forecourt Fountain
Fox Tower
Fox Tower
St. Johns
Saint Johns
Statue at Lloyd Center
"Ideals" at Lloyd Center
MAX in Yamhill Historic District
MAX in Yamhill Historic District
Alameda Neighborhood
Irvington/Alameda Neighborhood
Hollywood Market
Hollywood Market
Swan Island Shipyard
Swan Islan Shipyard
Street Car
Street Car in Northwest
Park Blocks
Historic Park Blocks
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland State University
Portland State University Urban Affairs

McCall Waterfront Park
Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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