2003 Urban Pioneer Award

The School of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University

Moyer, Bonner, Toulan
Tom Moyer, Ernie Bonner, Nohad Toulan

This year's awards ceremony honors Urban Pioneers:

Tom Moyer

Ernie Bonner

And pays special tribute upon his retirement to:

Dean Nohad Toulan

cartoon of 2003 Urban Pioneers

All proceeds endow student scholarships for future Urban Pioneers.

What is an Urban Pioneer?

State and community leaders who exhibit many of the values taught to students and held dear by faculty and community partners of Portland State University's College of Urban and Public Affairs:

  • Public Service
  • Civic Leadership
  • Insight into the nature of local and regional urban problems
  • Visionary responses to urban issues
  • Implementing far-thinking urban systems
  • Creating and administering a healthy, safe, efficient, egalitarian and pleasant community.
  • Enhancing the intellectual, social, cultural, health and/or economic qualities of urban life
  • Contributing to Portland's reputation as one of the most vital and thriving urban centers in the nation.

What does the Urban Pioneer Awards Dinner achieve?

Promote leadership in urban policy, planning and community service. The College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University is an incubator institution training the next generation of leaders who will address government, health, and urban issues. The graduates of the college's programs will be the next Neil Goldschmidts, the next Tom McCalls, etcetera, who will bring the unique training provided by our urban college and the courage of convictions to serve the greater good for the community. The college hopes to transmit a value system as exemplified by the public service of those we are honoring with this award.

Portland's Urban Pioneers serve as a reminder of what it took for the region to achieve the livability it enjoys today and what it will take to plan for the future.

Raise funds for Student Scholarships. Proceeds from the dinner support student scholarships to encourage economic and racial diversity in our student body and to reward excellence. The college's long-term goal is to raise $2 million for scholarship endowments. This promotes the future success of our college and regionsince the earnings from the donations invested in the endowment will support never-ending generations of students devoted to the ideas honored at this event.

Provide networking/collaborating opportunities for like-minded people and organizations in this region. The college looks to this event to establish and maintain connections with practitioners in the community. It is also hoped that interesting connections can be made among the community partners who are involved.