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Professor Ethan Seltzer's work with the Bullitt Foundation and EcoDistricts
Author: NSM
Posted: October 5, 2010

In 2010, the Bullitt Foundation from Seattle provided funding to enable a group of faculty and practitioners to explore governance and implementation issues associated with the development of EcoDistricts in Portland.  EcoDistricts are intended to be neighborhood-based vehicles for creating a more sustainable city.  Positioned between households and the city as a whole, EcoDistricts are expected to provide a community controlled and human-scaled strategy for enabling goals for sustainability to be more effectively acted on and achieved.  The monograph provided here looks carefully at the assumptions underlying the EcoDistrict concept, and provides insights for their meaningful creation and use.  Importantly, this work finds that unless the issues associated with scaling up from individual EcoDistrict initiatives to the entire city are understood and anticipated in advance, the likelihood that desires for a more sustainable city, and sustainability that is accessible to everyone, are unlikely to be achieved.  Please refer questions or comments directly to Ethan Seltzer,

Download or view the paper: Bullitt Foundation Paper

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