Preemptive Graduation Checking - Early Batch Audits for Spring Term
Author: Cindy Baccar & Angela Garbarino
Posted: March 6, 2013

The Degree Requirements team in the Office of the Registrar can now offer academic units access to early degree audits for their spring term undergraduate degree applicants. 

Batch degree audits are prepared which include an assessment of both current winter term and in-progress spring term registration. We electronically send the "problem" audit files (i.e. those with graduation deficiencies) to a designated departmental advising/staff person for review. This enables the advising staff to outreach to students to resolve issues while there is still time to rearrange schedules, add courses and complete appropriate substitutions and exceptions. 

Timing is everything. The goal is to run the batch audits after the Senior registration window for spring term has been open for several days so that the student’s spring term courses will be part of the audit.  Identifying problems such as missing courses, too few total hours or upper division hours within this early time frame is an enormous benefit. It helps avoid the upsetting and difficult situation of finding out about these problems after spring term has started when it is too late to resolve. As part of a limited, pilot project, we have been providing early audits to a few departments for several terms. They report excellent results in helping students identify things they simply were not aware of and in helping them take action to resolve. Allowing students to graduate as planned, without the heartache and inconvenience of having to stay around for an extra term is well worth the effort. 

We are very pleased to be able to now offer this service in a timely way to all departments who request it. This term we have already provided batch audits for over 130 majors, minors and certificates. 

If your department has not yet participated and is interested in using these reports for spring term, it is not too late to get on the list. Once your department is on the list, we will continue providing the same service for other terms, with the batched audits being delivered sometime in week 8 or 9 of the term prior to the graduation term.

To add your department to the list, please provide the following information via email to Cindy Baccar at

  • a list of  UG major, minor and certificates for which you want the batched audits
  • the name and email of the person to whom you want the reports sent  (the reports will be sent via email with an embedded link)
  • indicate whether you want degree audits for all applicants, or ONLY those with “problems”