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Portland Traffic Congestion Report by PSU's Center for Transportation Studies to Be Issued Sept. 8
Author: David Santen (503-725-8789;
Posted: September 7, 2004

The Center for Transportation Studies at Portland State University has prepared a report detailing urban congestion and mobility issues, “Portland Metropolitan Region Transportation System Performance Report.” The 68-page report examines a range of issues from average travel times in Portland compared to other urban areas, to increases in use of public transit, and to the impacts of congestion-reducing strategies such as ramp metering and incident management.

The primary finding from the Portland State work is that the complexity of the transportation system precludes any one performance measure from capturing all of the issues relevant to the movement of people and goods in an urban area—nor is there any one way of effectively comparing urban areas to each other.

The report is now available online at The official release date of the report is September 8, 2004.

For more information on the report or on issues related to traffic congestion in the region, contact Robert Bertini, director of the Center for Transportation Studies at Portland State, 503-725-4249 or

The Portland performance report serves as a companion piece to the Texas Transportation Institute’s annual Urban Mobility Report, released today, September 7, 2004 ( The PSU report, compiled for the first time this year, includes data from the TTI report as well as from the Oregon Department of Transportation’s State Congestion Overview, prepared in February 2004.

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