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MURP Summer Internship
Author: Tracy Braden, Student Services Coordinator
Posted: December 1, 2008

MURP Summer Internship
Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Beijing

What: A 1-3 month internship at the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design, a 500-planner group that does much of the municipal planning in China, to work on projects both in Beijing and throughout China alongside Academy staff planners. The Academy will cover in-country living expenses and any internship-related in-country travel, food, and lodging. Students will pay for airfare to and from Beijing and for their visa. Two positions will be available for Summer, 2009.

Who: Specifically for MURPs (enrolled in the program during this academic year, including those graduating this spring) that are seeking an internship overseas, and who are open to new experiences and adventures. Any area of Specialization will be considered. China is a fast-developing country, and living conditions and other aspects of daily life, quite apart from cultural and political differences, will be different than here in the US.

Note: Chinese language ability not required. CAUPD staff either speak English or need English speakers to work with in order to improve their English language skills.

Opportunity: First-hand experience as a planner with the challenges of keeping up with rapid urbanization, new community development, globalization, and meeting the needs and expectations of rapidly growing urban populations.

How: Please submit to Tracy an updated resume and a letter of interest outlining why you’d like to participate in this internship, what you’d like to get out of it, and the length of time you’re willing to commit (minimum one month, maximum three months). We will pull your transcript. The application deadline is January 16, 2009. Decisions will be made by February 2, 2009.

For More information: Talk to Ethan Setlzer or Connie Ozawa, and/or take a look at: