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Miguel Figliozzi and grad students present papers at National Urban Freight Conference
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Posted: January 25, 2010

Miguel Figliozzi, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and graduate students Nikki Wheeler, Ryan Conrad, and Zeyan Zhang presented four peer reviewed papers at the Second Annual National Urban Freight Conference in Long Beach, Calif., Dec. 4. The papers, which appear in the conference proceedings, are "Emissions & Energy Minimization Vehicle Routing Problem" (Figliozzi), "A Study of Transportation Disruption Causes and Cost in Containerized Maritime Transportation" (Figliozzi and Zhang), "Algorithms and Methodologies to Analyze and Quantify the Impacts of Congestion on Urban Distribution Systems Using Real-world Urban Network Data" (Conrad and Figliozzi), and "Analysis of the Impacts of Congestion on Freight Movements in the Portland Metropolitan Area" (Wheeler and Figliozzi).