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Larry Kominz dances, choreographs, and writes about Japanese dance here and in Tokyo
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Posted: October 11, 2010

Larry Kominz, Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty, was choreographer for Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon's Oedipus The King, Sept. 10-26. Kominz choreographed noh and kabuki style movement and dance, taught kabuki make-up, and contributed a program article, "Japan's Classical Theaters-Noh and Kabuki-and Where to Find Them in Oedipus." In Tokyo, Kominz wrote and recorded earphone guide translation/explanation for two kabuki plays and one bunraku puppet play, opening at the National Theater, Sept. 2 and 4. Kominz danced the buyo piece, "Shukuga no Mai" for Festival Japan in Beaverton, Sept. 26.