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Award-winning Students
Author: School Urban Studies and Planning
Posted: January 21, 2005

Award-winning Students

Three MURP student projects from the Planning Workshop received awards from the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association. The Merit Award for Student Achievement in Planning went to “Planning at the Roots” by Gwen Sheinfeld, Jennifer Porter, Shayna Rehberg, Allison Parzych, and Sarah Ruether. Planning at the Roots was created as a chapter in the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s Community Involvement Handbook. The chapter features ten cases of community planning efforts in Portland’s low-income and communities of color, highlighting how these populations make changes in their communities. The chapter enhances the Community Involvement Handbook’s exploration of traditional neighborhood associations.

Honorable Mention awards went to two other projects:

“South Park Blocks Area Development Strategy: Priorities and Actions to Strengthen Neighborhood Identity” by Lisa Abuaf, Natasha Detweiler, Steve Faust, Jennifer Mannhard, and Dan Zalkow. An analysis of the South Park Blocks area sub-district of downtown Portland and recommended tools and actions for the Downtown Neighborhood Association to use to be an informed and influential participant in the development of the unique neighborhood

“The LIV-IN Project” by Debbie Collard, Kristine dos Remedios, Krista Hornaday, Harper Kalin, Ying Lin, and Kris Sorenson. This was a study of multi-family infill in a transitioning suburban neighborhood in Portland.