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Jane Jacobs: Parting Words

Parting Words captures urban thinker, writer, and activist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) in her final public appearance in Portland, Oregon. On tour to promote her book, DARK AGE AHEAD (2004), Jacobs discusses the imperative for culturally diverse and innovative cities, among numerous other issues. Exploring passages from her seminal work, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES (1961) and looking at Jacobs through the eyes of leading Oregon planners, the film highlights Jacobs' clear-eyed perspectives on the problems and opportunities facing American cities. Parting Words demonstrates Jane Jacobs' long and abiding influence on urban design and planning.

Produced and Directed by Kevin Balmer, PSU Master of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate (2006); Diggable Films.

Written and Narrated by Chet Orloff, Director, Pamplin Institute & Collection; PSU Adj. Prof. Urban Studies and Planning; President, Oregon History Works/Museum of the City; Director Emeritus, Oregon Historical Society.

View the film:

Jane Jacobs: Parting Words (2007) - 20 min.

Jane Jacobs book signing