Data Science Course: Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists
Monday, August 6, 2018 - 9:00am to Friday, August 10, 2018 - 5:00pm

This summer, the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University is hosting a two-part data science course. You can register for one or the other– or attend both parts at a discount: 

Data Science Course 2018, Part 1: Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists

Data Science Course 2018, Part 2: Intermediate/Advanced Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists.

Did you ever feel you are “drinking from a hose” with the amount of data you are attempting to analyze? Have you been frustrated with the tedious steps in your data processing and analysis process and thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way to do things”? Are you curious what the buzz of data science is about? If any of your answers are yes, then this course is for you.

Agenda: Part One - Introductory Course

  • Coding and scripting basics
  • Best practices in data science
  • Version control using Git
  • Workflow and RStudio, and
  • How to troubleshoot

Prerequisites for Introductory Course
Basic knowledge and experience of working with quantitative data; experiences and skills in (or keenness to learn) a programming language (e.g. Python) and/or data processing and statistical software (e.g. R, Matlab, Stata). We encourage non-R users to take both parts together. 

Agenda: Part Two - Intermediate/Advanced Course

  • The import-tidy-transform-visualize-model-communicate workflow
  • The tidyverse suite of packages (dplyr, tidyr, ggplot2, and purrr)
  • R Markdown

Prerequisites for Intermediate/Advanced Course
To sign up for only the advanced portion of the course (and skip the "Introduction to Scientific Computing) students need to:

  • Know the difference between a vector, matrix, and data frame and how to convert between each other;
  • How to use and create R functions;
  • Know what apply() does.

August 6-7 Intro / Level 1 to R - $350
August 8-10 Advanced R course - $500
DISCOUNT: If you attend both Part One and Part Two - $750

Liming Wang, Ph.D., Portland State University
Liming Wang is an assistant professor in PSU's Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning. He teaches courses in Travel Demand Modeling, Transportation and Land Use, and Data Analysis Methods. His research takes a data-driven approach to address challenging issues in planning, in particular those intersecting land use and transportation. His recent research projects include data integration techniques for transportation and land use modeling, development and evaluation of comprehensive performance measures for transportation and land use systems, and regional strategic planning tools.

Professional Development
This course is eligible for 14 hours of professional development credit for AICP (see our provider summary). We can provide an electronic attendance certificate for other types of certification maintenance.


Learn more about this course, and sign up for it, at: