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Dual Degree Graduate Program Admissions

Graduate students pursuing the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) may work concurrently toward completion of a second Master’s degree in either Public Health or Civil and Environmental Engineering (with a focus on transportation).

If you’re interested in the dual degree option, follow instructions below to first apply for admission to the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree program. Begin communicating immediately with an advisor, as dual degree options require careful planning. 

Overlapping credits used in dual master’s degrees must be approved by the student’s departments and the Office of Graduate Studies with a GO-14 (Dual Degree Form) before the student graduates from the first master’s degree program. You must be admitted to the second degree program no later than the term prior to the term in which you graduate from the first degree program.

Deferral Policy for Graduate Program Admissions

Through the admissions process, the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning aims to create a graduate cohort that will work effectively and in a balanced manner with one another. For that reason, we do not allow applicants to defer their admission. If you are admitted and really feel as though you cannot attend in the term of admittance, we encourage you to reapply at another time.

Re-applying to the Toulan School Graduate Program

If you have previously applied to our graduate program and either withdrew your application or were denied admission, you may request that previously submitted application materials be re-used for the current term of admission. Please communicate to staff which pieces you would like to include from your previous application (such as transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation) and which new pieces you are submitting for review. You should include this list with your current application packet. You are required to submit a new University application and a new departmental application with the updated term of admission. We highly recommend that you also submit a new resume. If you were previously denied admission, you should submit a new letter of intent that reflects the actions you have taken to strengthen your application since your previous submission.


For more information about the dual degree program at the Toulan School, please e-mail