Transferring University Studies Credits

Portland State students often transfer in and out during their academic careers. Because general education and major requirements vary at each college and university, students must meet with advisors at each institution being attended to plan a successful path to graduation.

University Studies courses are comparable to and connect with the general education requirements at Oregon institutions and others nationwide. Academic advisors are always available to assist students in resolving transfer issues. If you have any difficulty transferring UNST courses to another institution, contact the Front Desk ( at the University Studies office for assistance. If you need to request a PSU transcript be sent to another institution, please contact the Transcripts office.

Transferability of FRINQ and SRINQ credits

At Oregon public institutions, Freshman Inquiry and Senior Inquiry High School credit transfers as follows:

Completion of 1 term only: 5 credits General Elective

Completion of 2 terms only: 10 credits General Elective

Completion of full 3-term sequence:

  • 3 credits Freshman Writing (Writing 121 in Oregon)
  • 4 credits Social Science
  • 4 credits Science (exception: Oregon State University requires a lab science course)
  • 4 credits Arts and Letters

Sophomore Inquiry and Cluster Courses

Sophomore Inquiry and Cluster courses transfer as regular departmental or elective coursework.

PSU Writing Requirement

Students admitted to PSU as freshmen (0-29 credits) meet the writing requirement by completing the first two years of University Studies or Urban Honors (both approved equivalents of composition courses). For more information about writing requirement for a Bachelor's Degree:

Oregon Transfer Contacts

Oregon State University Transfer Articulation Coordinator:

Western Oregon University Admissions Counselor: Lori Palmer ( 503-838-8232

(Note: Advisors can ONLY answer questions about transferring Portland State's University Studies credits into their local school. They cannot answer any questions about Portland State registration, transferring into PSU, or other questions about our program or our school. Please email if you are a prospective student or if you are a current student.)