Transfer students and University Studies

You are placed in the University Studies program according to the number of transfer credits completed once you enroll in classes at Portland State University (PSU) as a formally admitted student.

Once you are registered for courses at PSU as a formally admitted student, additional credits completed at another institution will not change this placement. Note that Quick Entry admission is not formal admission, so courses completed at PSU as a Quick Entry student are considered transfer credits for University Studies placement.

Your placement in the University Studies program will be reflected on your Transfer Evaluation and/or your DARS report. Also see the table below. As the table indicates, if you transfer with 90 or more credits, the lower-division portion of the University Studies courses will be waived. You will still be responsible for completing the Upper-Division Cluster of your choice and Senior Capstone, a total of 18 credits.

Please Note: The Upper Division Cluster requirement is a PSU requirement. There are no equivalent courses offered at other institutions. Your three cluster courses must be chosen from the list of approved courses and may not come from your major department.

Credits Transferred University Studies Requirements*
0 - 29 Freshman Inquiry - UNST 1X1, 1X2, 1X3
30 - 59 Three Sophomore Inquiry courses - UNST 211-299
60 - 74 Two Sophomore Inquiry courses - UNST 211-299
75 - 89 One Sophomore Inquiry course - UNST 211-299
90+ Three Upper-Division Cluster courses (12 credits) and
Senior Capstone (6 credits)

*You must begin with indicated course(s) and complete the remainder of the UNST program.

**Transfer Transition courses are no longer offered.  However, if you have completed a Transfer Transition course in the past it may be used to complete a Sophomore Inquiry requirement for students who were required to complete it as a third-term freshman (30-44 credits transferred).

1. If you are participating in a co-admission program, your placement may need to be adjusted. For more information, please contact:

2. If you have general questions about University Studies placement for co-admitted students, please contact: