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Renaissance Studies (no longer offered as of Fall 2010)

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of fall 2010 *

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Cluster: Renaissance Studies

The Renaissance, dating from approximately 1300 to 1700, saw the transition from the late medieval to the early modern world. It was the age of exploration and discovery, of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation; it saw an explosion of artistic and literary creativity. This cluster offers a broad, interdisciplinary view of the period.

Sophomore Inquiry: The Renaissance

(UNST 259)

This course examines the life and thought of this vibrant period of Western history as reflected in great works of literature and art.

Cluster Courses
Academic Year 09-10

ArH 458U    Medieval Art III
ArH 461U    Northern Renaissance Art
ArH 471U    Italian Renaissance Art I
ArH 472U     Italian Renaissance Art II
ArH 473U    Italian Renaissance Art III
ArH 476U     Baroque Art I
ArH 477U    Baroque Art II
ArH 478U    Baroque Art III
ENG 301U    Shakespeare
ENG 341U    Renaissance Literature
FR 341U    Introduction to French Literature I (taught in French)
FR 441U    Major Works in Translation (when content is appropriate)
FR 441U    Major Works: Montaigne
FR 442U    Medieval Works in Translation
HST 350U    English History
HST 355U    Late Medieval Europe: 1100-1450
HST 356U    Renaissance and Reformation Europe, 1400-1600
SPAN 341U    Introduction to Hispanic Literature I (taught in Spanish)
SPAN 422U    Major Topics: Peninsular Drama (when content is appropriate)
SPAN 423U    Major Topics: Peninsular Poetry (taught in Spanish)
SPAN 441U    Major Works in Translation (when content is appropriate)
TA 410U    Shakespeare Intensive
TA 425U    History of Dress I
TA 471U     Theater History: Medieval/Renaissance Drama