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Meet Anmarie Trimble
Meet Anmarie Trimble

As editor of the award-winning, experimental Born Magazine (, Anmarie Trimble brings together creative writers and multimedia artists who collaborate to create literary artworks that appeal to diverse audiences. The magazine is part of Anmarie's not-so-secret agenda to bring new audiences to poetry, as well an opportunity to combine her interests as a poet with her experience in the multimedia industry, where she developed interactive projects for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery/TLC and Experience Music Project.

As part of the University Studies faculty, Anmarie challenges students to make connections between seemingly disparate subjects and explore how crossing disciplinary boundaries can lead to creative discovery. She currently teaches Human/Nature Freshman Inquiry,  Tutoring and Mentoring Native American Youth Senior Capstone, Creative Industries Senior Capstone, and sections of Sophomore Inquiry.

Anmarie Trimble
Assistant Professor
University Studies
curriculum vitae
office: 117 G
phone: (503) 725-9403
fax: (503) 725-5977