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Professions and Power (no longer offered as of Fall 2010)

*This SINQ and cluster no longer offered as of Fall 2010*

One of the least understood elements in the making of the modern world is the role of professions like law, medicine, engineering, education, architecture, and accounting. The people who work in such occupations form a major leadership class in society. As a group and as individuals, they play critical roles in preserving the public health, defining justice and who can obtain it, designing safe buildings, bridges, and roads, educating us for life's challenges, and regulating of our economic and financial systems. In short, they often make life-and-death decisions that affect each of us. Courses in this cluster examine the critical responsibilities professions and professionals have in our society and culture, the special training they require, the ethical dilemmas they face as a consequence of their roles, why they enjoy and how they protect their elite status, who can join their ranks, and why we are so dependent on them.

Cluster Coordinator:
Currently Unstaffed
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Phone: 503-725-5890
Office: CH 117

Sophomore Inquiry: Professions in the Making of the Modern World

(UNST 256)

This course is about how and why professions have become among the most important forces in modern society. Those who practice medicine, law, architecture, engineering, and experts in science, economics, and other key areas of knowledge have immense influence in our lives. We examine the sources of their power and authority in society, the ethics that govern their activities, the nature and extent of their knowledge, and who joins their ranks.

This SINQ leads to the Professions and Power Cluster.

Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 09-10

ARCH 340U    Profession of Architecture
ARCH 341U    Developing as a Professional
ASC 410U    Developing as a Professional
BST 416U    African American Urban Education Problems
COMM 313U    Communication in Groups
EAS 399U    Problems, Solutions, and Systems Thinking
EC 314U    Private and Public Investment Analysis
EC 316U    Introduction to Health Care Economics
ENG 308U    Literature Medicine Health
ENG 308U    Literature and Medicine in the Community
EPFA 410U    Socialization Across Professions
HST 387U    Science in Society
MKTG 340U    Introduction to Advertising
PHL 305U    Philosophy of Medicine
PHL 455U    Morality in Health Care
PHL 481U    Biomedical Ethics
SCI 359U    Biopolitics
SCI 361U    Science: Power-Knowledge
SW 407U    Helping Professions and the Welfare State
USP 311U    Introduction to Urban Planning
WR 410U    Discourse of the Professions