Recyclemania gets boost from Eco Reps, new signage
Author: Campus Sustainability Office
Posted: March 20, 2012

As competition in the nationwide Recyclemania intensifies, Portland State is stepping up the game by helping people recycle more easily.

Through March 31, Portland State will be competing in the waste minimization category of Recyclemania, measuring overall waste reduction against that of other schools throughout the country.

PSU Eco Reps have been promoting the competition by rewarding green behavior at random locations throughout campus. They also hosted a “Race to Recycle,” where students in residence halls raced to learn about what is and is not recyclable on campus.

Also pitching in are student volunteers from the PSU ReUse Room, who plan to host craft tables and make a “quilt” from repurposed folders and other office supplies.

To give the PSU community a little nudge, PSU Recycles!, in partnership with the Campus Sustainability Office and Aux Creative, will be updating recycling and waste bins in Smith, Cramer and Neuberger with the revamped signs (view a pdf). New recycling banners have recently been installed in the Broadway Residence Hall.

In fall 2010, PSU Recycles! rolled out an innovative approach to recycling by providing all-in-one recycling and waste bins in targeted areas across campus. Having clearly marked recycling areas reduces confusion and promotes proper recycling. Since placing a recycling bin in every classroom is unfeasible, trashcans are now being migrated from classrooms to convenient, centralized stations in hallways. Over the next four years, PSU Recycles! plans to install similar all-in-one recycling and waste stations throughout campus.

University departments can utilize PSU Recycles! free pick-up services that include materials such as clamshell to-go containers, batteries, toner cartridges, styrofoam and plastic bags. Departments can submit a work order for collection of these materials.