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Media Studies (no longer offered as of Fall 2011)

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of Fall 2011 *

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Cluster: Media Studies

The media have become core social institutions in the dissemination of information, news, entertainment, culture, politics, social interpretation, and other spheres of everyday life. In recent years, mass communication has taken on new electronic formats and has expanded worldwide to bring more and more people and places in contact with one another, shrinking our sense of time and space. The Media Studies cluster serves to unify a common subject under different disciplinary and intellectual approaches, looking at both applied and interpretive aspects of image creation and symbolic exchange within and across cultural and territorial boundaries.

Sophomore Inquiry: Media Studies

(UNST 243)

Introduction to Media Studies examines the social significance of media content, media institutions, and social changes deriving from uses of communication in different social, political, and cultural contexts. Critical approaches to this course include the study of: 1) systems of representation and their constitution; 2) structural characteristics of mass production and distribution of media products; and 3) the social impacts of mass media through changing technological forms. This SINQ leads to the Media Studies Cluster.

Cluster Courses
Academic Year 10-11

BST 424U    African-American/African Culture in Cinema
BST 427U    African-American Films and Film Makers
COMM 312U    Media Literacy
COMM 399U/WR 416U    Screenwriting (Crosslisted with WR 416U)
COMM 399U     Film Studies I:  Introduction to Film
COMM 399U    Film Studies II: International Film History
COMM 399U    Film Studies III: Documentary and A.G. Film
COMM 410U/USP 457U    Information Cities (Crosslisted with USP 457U)
COMM 412U    Empirical Theories of Mass Communication
COMM 420U    Political Communication
COMM 422U    Critical Theories of Mass Communication
COMM 427U    Issues in International Communication
COMM/WS 452U    Gender & Race in the Media (Crosslisted with WS 452U)
ENG 332U    History of Cinema and Narrative Media I
ENG 333U     History of Cinema and Narrative Media II
MKTG 340U    Advertising
MUS 399U    Modern Music Technology
PS 318U    Media, Opinion and Voting
USP 457U/COMM 410U    Information Cities (Crosslisted with COMM 410U)
WR 416U/COMM 399U    Screenwriting (Crosslisted with COMM 399U)
WS/COMM 452U    Gender and Race in the Media (Crosslisted with COMM 452U)