Freshman Inquiry Course Themes

A wide variety of FRINQ courses are offered every year, each exploring a distinctive theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, but all centered on the four University Studies goals. All FRINQ courses are offered at least once in the fall, and some begin in the winter.

All students entering Portland State University as freshmen are required to take Freshman Inquiry, with the exception of those in the Honors Program or Liberal Studies. Transfer students are required to take FRINQ depending on the number of transfer credits they have the term they are admitted to Portland State University.

FRINQ courses are small, with no more than 36 students per class. Faculty-led sessions meet twice weekly and are augmented twice per week by mentored inquiry sessions led by student peer mentors.

For scheduling information on specific course themes, please refer to Portland State University's schedule of classes.

Learning Objectives

When students complete Freshman Inquiry, they will be expected to be able to apply writing, quantitative literacy, speech, visual/graphic skills, and current information technologies to problems requiring analysis and discovery. Freshman Inquiry will prepare students to move on to increasingly rigorous and sophisticated levels of inquiry, with the skills and habits of mind necessary for academic success and life-long learning in a society where the ability to think across disciplinary boundaries is increasingly required.