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Freshman Inquiry Assessment and Research


University Studies assesses student learning in its year-long Freshman Inquiry courses through student surveys and review of student ePortfolios.  We also study student success, retention, and experiences in UNST courses by connecting Prior Learning Survey data, End-of-year survey data and ePortfolio data with student demographic and academic performance information. 

As you read these reports, let us know what questions they raise and how you use this information to inform your practice.  Contact Rowanna Carpenter, Assessment Coordinator, ( with any questions about UNST assessment or research. 

Tell us how you have used UNST assessment information.

Winter 2016

Exploratory Studies Report - Fall 2015

This report examines the activities of the Exploratory Studies Program which was established during Fall 2015. 

Fall 2015 This is an excerpt from the UNST 2014-2015 Annual Assessment Report summarizing FRINQ assessment findings from student course evaluations and eportfolio review.  
Winter 2014

Profile of FRINQ Students - Fall 2013

This report presents a profile of students enrolled in Freshman Inquiry courses during Fall 2013, including demographic, academic, and financial information.

Fall 2013

Freshmen Retention Project: 2012-13 Report

This report summarizes the results of 2012-2013 Freshmen Retention Project and presents retention rates for various student populations.

Winter 2013 This is an excerpt from the UNST 2012-2013 Annual Assessment Report summarizing FRINQ assessment findings from student course evaluations and eportfolio review.  
Fall 2012   This presentation reviews research on factors related to freshman retention with an emphasis on students' financial situation and concerns.  
Fall 2012  

Freshmen Retention Project 2011-12 Report

This report presents 2011-2012 Freshmen Retention Project results and outlines plans for 2012-13 academic year.

Spring 2012  

Freshmen Retention Project Document

This document describes Freshmen Retention Project, a campus-wide effort to improve persistence and success of first year students.

Winter 2012


 A Profile of FRINQ Students Whose Home Language Is Not English


Beth Hooker, graduate peer mentor, created this report providing information about our students who speak languages other than English.


  •  Beth Hooker facilitated a workshop for mentors on working with international students.
 Fall 2011
   This is an excerpt from the UNST 2010-2011 Annual Assessment Report summarizing FRINQ assessment findings from student course evaluations and eportfolio review.
  • Shared with FRINQ faculty at fall retreat
 Winter 2011

General Education/Residence Life Partnership: Impact on Student Success

Featured on the AAC&U LEAP Camus Toolkit site. FRINQ faculty, Chris Carey, and UNST Assessment Coordinator, Rowanna Carpenter wrote this brief research report on retention for students in the FRINQ/FYE housing partnership program.
  •  Helped inform student success efforts in residence life.
 Fall 2010

ePortfolios and Student Learning

An analysis of student survey results relating ePortfolio classroom practices to students' reported learning.

  • Shared with UNST mentors at Fall Conference
Fall 2010

Presentation to FRINQ faculty on two projects connecting ePortfolio data with survey data focused on our Communication (writing) and Diversity learning goals.

  • FRINQ faculty workshop on responding verbally (mp3 format) to student writing.
Spring 2010

Barriers to Success in FRINQ

Presents themes emerging from a series of converations with FRINQ faculty and mentors about their students who were not returning between fall and winter terms.