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ePortfolio: The ePortfolio Lab

This module describes the ePortfolio Lab (CH 166), including purpose of the lab, service orientation and support, and all available resources. For ongoing support, information, and updates, be sure to visit the University Studies ePortfolio Resource Site.

1) Overview

eportfolio lab workstationsThe ePortfolio Lab (Cramer Hall 166) is a multimedia computer lab for students to use in creating rich media that will populate one's electronic portfolio, or"eportfolio." The lab offers 14 Windows based workstations that carry a useful set of applications for constructing multimedia, or web-based media, such as audio and video files, web pages, and PDF files. There's also ample audiovisual equipment, such as scanners, a cassette player/recorder, video converter, and a DVD/VCR deck. There's also portable equipment to check out for class projects.

The eP Lab is staffed with attendants who can help with your immediate needs or questions. Students are encouraged to develop their skills using the eP Lab equipment, to gain knowledge and experience, and to be as self-sufficient and creative in their own eportfolio development. Lab attendants are available to help guide students in designing and building eportfolios, and how to use the software and hardware present in the lab. Full-time support staff is also available to troubleshoot more challenging issues or projects as needed.

2) Resources

We are committed in University Studies to helping students build functional, useful, and meaningful eportfolios. So, there are several resources that students ought to know about.


Lab attendants: The eP Lab is staffed with mentor attendants who understand the eportfolio process and who know how to use the applications and hardware housed in the lab.

Support staff: For more in-depth support or questions about technology, contact the ePortfolio Technology Adviser in University Studies. Sometimes, equipment doesn't seem to be cooperating, or more challenging projects need a helping hand.


The eP Lab supports the Google Apps for eportfolio design, development, and publication. Lab staff have considerable expertise in working with the Team Edition, and they can provide timely, appropriate support.

The eP Lab also stores the Adobe Web Premium CS4 Suite on all workstations in the lab. This software package contains Dreamweaver, for webpage authoring and site management, Photoshop, for image manipulation, Illustrator, for creating graphics, and Flash, for authoring web-based interactive multimedia and animation. The lab also has Premiere Pro, for capturing (recording), editing, and publishing video, and Soundbooth, for creating movie soundtracks, and editing and outputting audio files.

Please see the University Studies ePortfolio Resource Site for in-depth tutorials, a workshop calendar, and other helpful resources.


The eP Lab also has physical equipment to support the development of eportfolio media. In the lab itself, students will find Windows based workstations, several scanners (with auto-document feeders, flatbed, and slide scanning), a dual audio cassette deck, a DVD/VCR combination deck, a video digitizer, a TV monitor, and an external hard drive for storing video data.

The eP Lab also manages circulation of portable equipment for checkout. Students can check out gear for class projects, including digital video cameras, a digital audio recorder, digital still cameras, tripods, wireless microphones, audio mixer, microphone stands, webcams, microphone headsets, headphones, and cables.