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Diversity of Human Experience

The Diversity of Human Experience goal for University Studies is assessed through course evaluations, student ePortfolios and work samples and through Capstone course ePortfolios. 

As you read these reports, let us know what questions they raise and how you use this information to inform your practice.  Contact Rowanna Carpenter, Assessment Coordinator, ( with any questions about UNST assessment or research.

Tell us how you have used UNST assessment information.


Fall 2011

Deepening Students Appreciation of Diversity Through University Studies' Courses

This report gathers assessment data related to the diversity learning goal across levels and multiple years. 

  • Informed the Curriculum section of PSU's Diversity Plan
Fall 2011  

Pedagogical Catalysts of Civic Competence

Stephanie Stokamer's dissertation research used Capstone Student Experience Questionnaire data to test her model of civic competence.

  •  Invited a diversity trainer to conduct a workshop with Capstone faculty
Summer 2011

Long-term Impact of Community-based Learning on College Graduates:  Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Qualitative Study

Provides an overview of an ongoing research project conducted by Capstone faculty and the Capstone Director analyzing interviews with students who had completed the Kiwanis Camp Capstone.  This Capstone provides students with an opportunity to live with and provide direct service to a camper with disabilities.