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Classic Greek Civilization (no longer offered as of Fall 2010

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of Fall 2010 *

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Cluster: Classic Greek Civilization

The theme of this cluster is: What made the Greek civilization of the classical period what it was? Greek civilization was composed of several distinct features and the cluster provides a variety of courses which enables students to attain an overall view of the classical period and the influence of the Greeks on later cultures.

Sophomore Inquiry: Classic Greek Civilization

(UNST 218)

This course will investigate the history, art, archaeology, culture, and philosophies of Greece in the Classical period (600-100 B.C.). We examine Greek culture in terms of its influence on modern American culture, and also focus on the differences between the two societies as a means of getting a more objective look at ourselves. Greek approaches to modern issues such as diversity, democracy, education, and poverty are explored and their lessons for today's society considered.

Cluster Courses
Academic Year 09-10

ArH 451U    Ancient Art: Ancient Near Eastern Art & Architecture
ArH 452U    Ancient Art: Prehistory to Rome
ArH 452U    Ancient Art: Greek Art & Architecture (to Archaic Period)
ArH 453U    Ancient Art: Greek Art & Architecture
ArH 453U    Ancient Art: Greek Art and Architecture (Classic to Hellenistic)
ENG 317U   Greek Mythology
GRK 330U   Ancient Greek Literature
GRK 331U   Plato
GRK 332U     Greek Religion
GRK 333U     Women in Ancient Greece
GRK 334U     Greek Ethics
GRL 335U    Sophocles and Euripides
HST 314U   Ancient Near East & Egypt
HST 315U    Greek History
HST 316U    Roman History
LAT 330U    Roman Culture
LAT 341U   Roman Literature in Translation
MTH 410U    Mathematics and Science of Early Greece
PHL 301U    History of Philosophy
TA 471U     Ancient Greek Drama
WS 429U     Women in Visual Arts I