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Archaeology (no longer offered as of Fall 2011)

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of Fall 2011 *

If you are looking for information on current SINQs and clusters, please click here.


Cluster: Archaeology

Through the study of archaeology, students grapple with fundamental questions about what it means to be human, how we came to be the way we are, and what we might expect from the future. The field draws on research interests, methods, and explanatory approaches from multiple disciplines including anthropology, history, black studies, geography, biology, and geology.

Sophomore Inquiry: Archaeology

(UNST 214)

This course surveys the varieties of current archaeological approaches to the past, the kinds of questions we ask, and samples some of the most important answers. This SINQ leads to the Archaeology Cluster.

Cluster Courses
Academic Year 10-11

ANTH 350U    Archaeological Method and Theory
ANTH 355U    Historical Archaeology and the Origins of the Modern Pacific Northwest
ANTH/BST 362U     African Prehistory (Crosslisted with BST 362U)
ANTH 364U     Pacific Northwest Prehistory
ANTH 365U    North American Prehistory
ANTH 366U    Mesoamerican Prehistory
ANTH 367U     East Asian Prehistory
ANTH 368U       Oceania Prehistory
ArH 426U/BST 470U/INTL 410U     African Art (Crosslisted with BST 470U/INTL 410U)
ArH 451U     Ancient Art: Prehistoric & Egyptian
ArH 452U      Ancient Art: Mesopotamian, Aegean, Greek through Archaic
ArH 452U     Ancient Art: Prehistory to Rome
ArH 453U      Ancient Art: Greek from Classical Period, Etruscan & Roman
BI 387U     Vertebrate Zoology (must register for lab section, also)
BST 305U/HST 312U/INTL 399U    African History Before 1800 (Crosslisted with HST 312U/INTL 399U)
BST 362U    African Prehistory
BST 406U      Caribbean Overseas Program
BST 450U       Topics: Caribbean Archaeology [Overseas Experience]
BST 470U/INTL 410U/ArH 426U     African Art (Crosslisted with INTL 410U/ArH 426U)
GEOG 348U     Cultural and Political Ecology
GEOG 366U     Historical Geography of North America
HST 312U/INTL 399U/BST 305U    African History Before 1800 (Crosslisted with INTL 399U/BST 305U)
HST 314U     Ancient Near East & Egypt
HST 315U    Greek History
HST 316U     Roman History
INTL 399U/BST 305U/HST 312U    African History Before 1800 (Crosslisted with BST 305U/HST 312U)
INTL 410U/ArH 426U/BST 470U    African Art (Crosslisted with ArH 426U/BST 470U)