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Meet Mindy Konczal
Meet Mindy Konczal

Mondicia, nicknamed Mindy, is the Employer Relations Lead Coordinator and University Career Center Interim Assistant Director for Advising & Career Services. Mindy works directly with employers in nonprofit, private and public sectors to implement trauma-informed Universal Design Principles with diversity, equity, and Inclusion. Mindy's works to establish and maintain professional relationships that expand and diversify career opportunities offered to PSU students and alumni. 

With over a decade of broadcast, print and digital media content development and communications management experience, Mindy designs marketing and orchestrates outreach strategies to recruit employers, and engagement students/alumni to participate in career development. Mondicia studied Public Relations and Advertising at New York University, and Applied Communication at New York Institute of Technology. She earned a B.S. in Telecommunications & Professional Writing from Eastern Michigan University, as well as an ACCSC accreditation from Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Mondicia is a Conclave Scholarship Award winner and a member of the International Honors Society. 

In her spare time Mondicia enjoys reading, writing, and traveling with her husband, their two daughters, and their son.